Does that statement give you comfort,agitation,anger,concern or disagreement????

THE GOD "I AM" represents Himself as just that, THE ONE AND ONLY GOD, THE God of the Word, the Word of God, the scriptures used by Jews, Christians and Muslims.  THE GOD "I AM" is adamant about this, nonapologetic and unwaivering in this concept that so many people find unacceptable or arrogant, even Jews, Christians and Muslims. THE GOD "I AM" even identifies Himself as a jealous God, a holy God, a perfect God, a loving God, a fearful God, a vengeful God, a merciful God so how can this all be true???

If it is true, then you may be confused, but this and so much more is exactly what HE, THE GOD of the Bible says about Himself, not just once or a few times, but repeatedly over and over again in the Word that reveals this God, THE GOD "I AM". Your ideas or desires for a god may be different than this and you may not like this kind of talk, you may not agree with this kind of God, but then what do you have? I know many people who tell me about "their god" and they describe him in vivid terms as they have created him, usually in their image or ideas of what a god should be, or as they want him to be, but where can I learn about "your god" other than your imagination. What heaven, what salvation, what plan, what revelation has "your god" put together that we can examine it, consider it, accept it and then realize it for eternity? THE GOD "I AM" is fully exclusive and they don't like that, or accept it, yet He still makes this claim, like it or not, I'm sorry!

THE GOD "I AM" has prepared a heaven (simply being with Him) a salvation (restoration of fellowship in Him) a plan (adoption thru propitiation thru Him) and a revelation (the Word of God as Him) then He tells you ALL others are false, He does not, can not, will not share His place as the one and only true God "I AM". This will obviously or should definitely cause problems with ALL other religions that have any other gods or not the singular God "I AM" as their sole, one and only true God. THE God "I AM" has to be the only God according to Himself, if you doubt this, get any good concordance (word index) and any good bible (written word) and study it for yourself, you truly owe it to yourself to know truth. Know THE GOD "I AM" know truth, but also if no truth, no THE GOD "I AM".

THE GOD "I AM" now puts all other religions (bindings back) and thoughts, or hopes of god other than this God on notice. All the Hinduism,Buddhism,Taoism and many many other isms cannot have it both ways,,you cant claim to love, follow, or even agree with the God of the bible "I AM" and still claim that all religions or other gods are the same or even similar,,,this God, THE GOD "I AM" does not, can not and will not have any part with that!

THE GOD "I AM" cant even be shared with the three major religions that lay claim to Him. "I AM" either sent a savior already (Jesus) or He didn't,"I AM" either had a Son that was crucified and rose again (Jesus) or "I AM" didn't,as much as Jews or Muslims disagree. This and so much more makes "I AM" different and exclusive no matter how much we or you want it to not be so,"I AM" reveals it as so, so either you are mistaken or He is a liar!  Many Jews, Christians and Muslims want to believe it's the same God, but it can't be so, He is THE GOD "I AM" and not the various ideas we claim, but only what He proclaims. This even includes you, you can't be or become a god if He is the only true God "I AM" this includes Jesus and the Holy Spirit as well, they can't be god's unless they are the one and only true God "I AM", not just a god, another god, lesser gods, or any god, if they,or you or Satan (god of this world) is not THE GOD "I AM" they are the false gods. There are many gods, but they are all false gods according to this God, THE GOD of the word as according to the word of this God "I AM".Jesus and the Holy Spirit were either true physical and spiritual manifestations of the one and only true God or they also were false gods or even no gods, but not other gods, or lesser gods because then, just like Satan, they are ALL false gods. Is it possible that the one God, the ONLY GOD "I AM" is able to manifest Himself in a physical and spiritual nature and still continue to be the one and only true God "I AM". YES IT IS, HE IS ABLE AND TELLS YOU SO IN HIS WORD!

THE GOD "I AM" tells us in His Word that we are either His eternally (heaven) or we are void of Him THE GOD "I AM" and all that He is and gives for eternity (hell) there is no middle place. His word is the key, not preachers, teachers, scholars, counselors, parents or even ourself,,, His Word, the written and the living Word are the way to THE GOD "I AM". If He is telling the truth, we should be listening and responding to THE GOD "I AM". He reveals all this in His Word, the Bible, so it's intellectually dishonest, foolish or simply ignorant to claim to believe in THIS GOD or His Word and still hold onto your different ideas, if you don't trust what He repeatedly says in it!!! Please consider THE GOD "I AM" and His Word! Also check,